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maj 14, 2007

Viet Nam to join WTO on 11 January 2007

Paris Peace Accords 1973

Olof Palme och Fidel Castro


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LO löntagarfonder 1975

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Vem vann Vietnam-kriget?

Forty years ago, on April 30, 1975
The Vietnam War, as Seen by the Victors
How the North Vietnamese remember the conflict 40 years after the fall of Saigon
The Atlantic, 16 April 2015

The event, known in the United States as the fall of Saigon and conjuring
images of panicked Vietnamese trying to crowd onto helicopters to be evacuated, is celebrated as Reunification Day here in Hanoi.

Kham Thien Street, a broad avenue in the city center, bustles with motorbikes and shops selling clothing and iPhones. There’s little evidence that some 2,000 homes were destroyed and nearly 300 people killed nearby during the 1972 “Christmas bombing,”
the heaviest bombardment of the war, ordered by the Nixon administration to force the North to negotiate an end to the conflict.

“The U.S. tried to inscribe the war in Vietnam into its Cold War campaign,” Thomas Bass, a historian and journalism professor at University at Albany, State University of New York, told me. “North Vietnamese were evil communists, and the free and independent people of the South were to be protected.”
But I’ve rarely heard Vietnamese speak in these terms. Nguyen Dang Phat, the North Vietnamese Army veteran, told me: “On the news at the time, they said that this war was a fight for independence. All the people wanted to stand up and fight and protect the country. Everyone wanted to help the South and see the country unite again.”

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Att debatten blir så konstig kan bara förklaras av att ingen riktigt vill acceptera faktum,
att det var fel att stödja Nordvietnam/FNL i deras krig för att införa kommunism.


- Tiden när Nationalteatern ljudsatte fabriksgolvet är grogrunden för boken.
Då alternativvänstern skördade framgångar, FNL-rörelsen ville se ett slut på Vietnamkriget...
Erica Treijs på SvD Kultur den 9 november 2014 i sin stora intervju med Ebba Witt-Brattström.
Rolf Englund blog 9 november 2014

Some of Kennedy’s most ardent admirers still like to believe that he would have prevented the escalation of the Vietnam War had he lived longer.
But there is no evidence for that at all. Kennedy was a hardened Cold Warrior. And his anti-Communism was couched in terms of American idealism.
As he said in his inaugural speech: “[W]e shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”
Ian Buruma, Pofessor of Democracy, Human Rights, and Journalism at Bard College, Project Syndicate, November 7, 2013

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McDonald's i Ho Chi Minh City
The first McDonald's in Vietnam opened Saturday,
bringing in 40,000 customers during its first two days of business.
Bloomberg, 13 February 2014

"On the menu front, in addition to McDonald's iconic choices such as the Big Mac and world-famous French fries, the first restaurant in Vietnam will launch the McPork line of burgers, which was especially created to reflect local Vietnamese tastes,"

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Detta skär nog i hjärtat på gamla FNL-are. Bra.

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Vietnam's President Truong Tan Sang and US President Barack Obama have met for landmark talks in Washington.
The Vietnam war, which lasted from 1955 to 1975, killed an estimated 58,000 US soldiers and three million Vietnamese.
BBC, 26 July 2013

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Annons SvD 12 januari 2014

Kommentar av Rolf Englund
Sista chansen för 68-vänstern.
Dags att höja lånet på bostadsrätten och ta med barn och barnbarn - innan det är för sent.

When the Vietnam war ended in 1975 the country was on its knees, and economic policies copied from the Soviet union did nothing to help.
Collectivising agriculture proved to be a disaster, so in 1986 the Communist Party carried out a U-turn - placing a big bet, at the same time, on coffee.
While large numbers of Vietnamese have made a living from coffee, a few have become very rich.
Take for example multi-millionaire Dang Le Nguyen Vu - Chairman Vu, as he is nicknamed.
BBC News 25 January 2014

His company, Trung Nguyen Corporation, is based in Ho Chi Minh City - formerly Saigon - but his wealth is based in the Central Highlands around Buon Ma Thuot, the country's coffee capital.

Chairman Vu, as he is nicknamed, owns five Bentleys and 10 Ferraris and Forbes magazine assessed him to be worth $100m.

That's in a country where the average annual income is $1,300.

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”Vad lärde du dig om Vietnam?” ”Tja, vissa grejer funkar, andra inte … Just den grejen funkade inte.”
Donald Rumsfeld, SvD Kultur, 4 maj 2014, Om filmen ”The unknown known”

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Filmtrailer: The Unknown Known

Learn to say ‘I don’t know.’ If used when appropriate, it will be often.
Rumsfeld's Rules: Leadership Lessons in Business, Politics, War, and Life [Kindle Edition]

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and Vietnamese Minister of Defense Gen. Pham Van Tra
participate in a ceremony officially welcoming Rumsfeld to Hanoi

Two Vietnamese soldiers will depart this month to attend English-language training at a U.S. Air Force school in Texas

If you are working from your inbox, you are working on other people's priorities.
Donald Rumsfeld
More here

There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know.
There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know.
But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know.
Read more here

Donald Rumsfeld, Known and Unknown - A Memoir

Den 17 april 1975 - Pol Pots styrkor intar Phnom Penh.
Birgitta Dahl var då ännu inte talman.

Den 30 april 1975 intog Nordvietnamesiska trupper med ryskbyggda stridsvagnar
presidentpalatset i Saigon.

Kapitalismens rykte var också i botten efter stagflation
och den djupaste lågkonjunkturen och börsnedgången sedan 1930-talet.

"Den 27 augusti 1975 slog nyheten ned som en bomb i den svenska debatten"
"Revolution i Sverige" stod det på DN:s löpsedlar.
Boken "Löntagarfonder" hade kommit ut.

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The problem is that Vietnam has gone straight from collectivisation
to crony capitalism with not much in between.

There is a pressing need to reform state-owned enterprises – behemoths of inefficiency, patronage and powerful vested interests.
Financial Times, 15 March 2013

The internet is awash with stories about arbitrary land grabs, prisoners of conscience and the antics of the party’s privileged offspring.

Much of the growth is thanks to exports. Samsung’s factory alone, which employs 30,000 people, will soon be churning out up to one in five of all smartphones sold globally.

One hope of breaking the logjam is the trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement being negotiated between the US and several Asian states, including Vietnam.
The TPP aims to create a level playing field among its members, regulating everything from public tenders to state-owned enterprises.

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Summers Says Euro Crisis Approach Evokes U.S. in Vietnam War
U.S. policy makers opted at each juncture of the war in Vietnam to do the “minimum” to avoid an imminent catastrophe
“until it all collapsed around them and the helicopters left Saigon.”
Bloomberg via Rolf Englund blog 20 october 2012

- Det var här FNL brakade igenom järngrindarna den 30 april 1975.
Det kan man läsa i PRO-Pensionären, nr 7, 2012, i en reseskildring från Vietnam, som passande nog börjar på sidan 68.

Men det var inte FNL, utan Nordvietnamesiska trupper, med ryska stridsvagnar, som brakade igenom grindarna.

Rolf Englund blog 29 augusti 2012

"After smoking a cigarette, Tran Viet Ca, a 24-year-old private, told the Americans he had served seven years in the North Vietnamese Army," he wrote.

"Two days ago we attacked Bien Hoa," he said. "Today we drove down the highway past the United States Army base at Long Binh.

"Our forces were led by a brigade of tanks. There was a little resistance, but most Saigon soldiers had already run away. Then we drove into Saigon."

George Esper: Fall of Saigon reporter dies at 79
BBC 4 February 2012

Has Vietnam turned a corner and become a good opportunity for investors?
CNBC 3 June 2011

Vietnam is a "work in progress" with governance and transparency of data gradually improving, Tai Hui, Regional Head of Economic Research, SE Asia at Standard Chartered Bank told CNBC. For those people that are looking at the frontier markets, Cambodia offers a better return, said Simon Grose-Hodge, Head of Investment advisory at LGT Bank.

Video here

Vietnamization at Wikipedia

Under protesterna mot USA:s brutala krigföring i Vietnam började stora delar av vänstern att betrakta nationell suveränitet som ett överordnat värde.
Som tonåring gick jag själv med i många demonstrationer och skanderade ”Stöd Indokinas folk på deras egna villkor”.
Men befrielsearméernas segrar ledde till terror och kommunistiskt förtryck. För mig personligen ledde det till en smärtsam omprövning av en del av det jag sysslat med. Det blev en plågsam men nyttig läxa.
Annika Ström Melin, Signerat, DNs ledarsida 2011-03-23

Palmes vän i FNL-gerillan
"Olof Palme och madam Binh på socialdemokraternas partikongress 1972" (bild i artikeln)
Att madam Binh kallar FNL-rörelsen för Viet Cong kanske förvånar många gamla FNL-are
Fokus September 19-26 2008

I oktober 1972 höll madame Binh ett tal på den socialdemokratiska partikongressen

Att madam Binh kallar FNL-rörelsen för Viet Cong kanske förvånar många gamla FNL-are, som har uppfattningen att "VC" var ett nedsättande amerikanskt ord. Men många vietnameser använder detta ord i stället för "FNL" eller "FNL-gerillan" i dagens Vietnam.

Slut citat

Kommentar av Rolf Englund:
Viet Cong betyder vietnamesiska kommunister.
Och det var ju det saken gällde, att införa kommunism.

Viet Cong at Wikipedia

VC at Britannica


Det som då /1968/ hände visade att kommunismen inte lät sig reformeras,
att den därför i praktiken var dödsdömd.

En tidsanda finns förmodlligen alltid vare sig vi andas in den eller ej, men 1968 var Vietnam aldrig min sak, ett nationellt befrielsekrig kanske,
men varför de stackars vietnameserna skulle lyckligföras med kommunismen förstod jag aldrig.
Richard Swartz, Svd 25 juni 2008

The first thing you notice when you arrive in Vietnam is the thousands of scooters.
As you enter the centre of what many people still call Saigon, there is another surprise.
Surrounded by people cleaning the streets with straw brooms gleams a shiny store - Louis Vuitton.
Daily Telegraph 9/6/2008

Vietnam's main stock index, which had risen more than fivefold over the past four years as investors were drawn by economic growth averaging 7.5pc since 1990, is showing signs of weakness.

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Louis Vuitton, Gorbatjov och berlinmuren

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Porsche has decided to select HCM City as the place to enter Vietnam.
VietNamNet Bridge

“This is the right time for Porsche in Vietnam,”
said Andreas Klingler, general director of Prestige Sports Car Co.
“Drivers in the high-end market are looking for sporty, cutting-edge masterpieces that personify their bold personalities and express their exquisite sophistication.
Porsche is a brand that epitomizes this.”
Saigon Times

Two years after the US withdrawal,
the North Vietnamese launched a full-scale invasion of the South

BBC 22/8 2007

US President George W Bush:
The "unmistakable legacy of Vietnam is that the price of America's withdrawal was paid by millions of innocent citizens whose agonies would add to our vocabulary new terms like 'boat people', 're-education camps' and 'killing fields'".

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När jag började skriva tyckte jag att det verkade vara en helt knasig ståndpunkt att stödja röda khmererna.
Framförallt efter att jag bott där och sett resultatet av politiken. Men ju mer man närmar sig ett historiskt skeende desto mer komplext blir det. Jag insåg någonstans att om jag varit 25 år gammal 1975 hade jag förmodligen också stått på röda khmerernas sida.
Författaren till ”Pol Pots leende” Peter Fröberg Idling, intervjuad i Sydsvenskan 24/5 2006

Kommunistledningen i Nordvietnam ville 1954 inkorporera även Sydvietnam i sitt system. Det kostade enligt uppgift tre miljoner människoliv.
Levnadsstandarden ligger på 15 procent av Sydkoreas. Kommunismen har övergetts till förmån för en småföretagsbaserad Coca Cola-kultur.
Var det detta FNL-arna ville?
Danne Norling 14/5 2007

Den som är intresserad av den svenska propagandans förvånansvärt grova uttrycksmedel kan ta del av Kungliga Bibliotekets samlingar av affischer. Idag skulle vi väl alla säga att det var kommunister som låg bakom snarare än några välmenande humanister.

Vad var det då FNL-aktivisterna och deras medlöpare kämpade för? Och vad offrade tre miljoner vietnameser livet för? Idag visar de överlevande vietnameserna upp sina ryska tanks och Mig-flygplan i en nostalgisk bild av kriget. Den påminner om ryssarnas sätt att under sovjettiden beskriva stormningen av Vinterpalatset och pansarkryssaren Auroras beskjutning av detta vid Lenins statskupp i Petrograd 1917 då han tog makten från från de riktiga revolutionärerna som avsatt tsaren i mars samma år.

Full text

"1960 bildades FNL, den sydvietnamesiska befrielsefronten som
med starkt nordvietnamesiskt stöd kämpade för en återförening."
Den svenska statstelevisionen 27 april 2005

Men hade denna gång rätt lag vunnit?
Då var det inte många som tvekade. Men när nostalgiska sympatisörer til Nord-sidan skulle fira årsdagen av sin seger har rapporterna varit många om att den där rätta segerstämningen inte riktigt ville infinna sig.

Vad kan det bero på? Det är genant att behöva säga det, men ingen annan verkar vilja konstatera det uppenbara, nämligen att det som med våld infördes var den Nordvietnamesiska varianten av socialism och kommunism.
Rolf Englund för radions OBS 8/5 2005 (refuserat)

Letter From Mr Daniel J. Aronoff, FT March 21 2011

John Kay provides an enlightening discussion of our awkwardness in thinking about contingent events that cannot be pressed into a probabilistic framework – Rumsfeldian “unknown unknowns”
(“Why we struggle to make sense of our roulette wheel world”, Comment, March 16).

John Maynard Keynes, the eminent early 20th-century theoretician of probability, encapsulated the concept brilliantly in an article he wrote on another subject, economics:

“By ‘uncertain’ knowledge, let me explain, I do not mean merely to distinguish what is known for certain from what is only probable. The game of roulette is not subject, in this sense, to uncertainty; nor is the prospect of a Victory bond being drawn. Or, again, the expectation of life is only slightly uncertain. Even the weather is only moderately uncertain.

“The sense in which I am using the term is that in which the prospect of a European war is uncertain, or the price of copper and the rate of interest 20 years hence, or the obsolescence of a new invention, or the position of private wealth-owners in the social system in 1970. About these matters there is no scientific basis on which to form any calculable probability whatever. We simply do not know.”

Full text

Known and Unknown: A Memoir [Hardcover]

Donald Rumsfeld förbereder lanseringen av sin webbsida, The Rumsfeld Papers.
”…as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know.
We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know.
But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know.”

I översättning betyder det ungefär: ”…som vi vet finns det kända saker vi vet: vi vet om att vi vet det. Vi vet också att det kända okända finns, det vill säga att vi vet att det finns saker vi inte vet. Men det finns också det okända okända – det vi inte vet att vi inte vet.”

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The State Audit of Vietnam and the Ernst & Young Vietnam (EYVN) signed a cooperation agreement in Hanoi on June 25 2010
Under the agreement, EYVN, a global leader in insurance, tax, transaction and advisory services, will help train SAV staff in accounting and auditing

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Vietnamrörelsen blev en folkrörelse och de flesta var med.
- Alla mina jämnåriga gick i demonstrationerna och deras föräldrar med, säger Annika Swedén. Freden kom dagen före 1 maj, arbetarrörelsens traditionella högtidsdag. Vietnamesernas befrielse togs upp av alla talare och på eftermiddagen firade Annika Swedén och 15 000 andra i Kungsträdgården.
DN 30/4 2005