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Riksbanken lånar ut 100 miljarder kronor till de svenska storbankerna

Interest rate cuts work their way through to the real economy by a number of transmission channels.
Cui bono? The banks, of course. The bank-bailout channel will be the only monetary transmission mechanism to function like clockwork.

So do not be fooled by anybody who says that the central bank should cut interest rates for the benefit of innocent citizens
Wolfgang Munchau, FT January 20 2008

Before 2007, independent central banks would have had no problem presenting credible exit strategies. They would have pointed to their inflation target, and how they would use their medium-term inflation forecast or some other analytical framework to ensure that the price level would remain on a stable trajectory.
Wolfgang Münchau, FT July 26 2009

Being too big, too interconnected, too complex and too international to fail is a big business asset.
The too-big-to-fail problem has been central to the degeneration and corruption of the financial system in the north Atlantic region over the past two decades.

The too-big-to-fail category is sometimes extended to become the too-interconnected-to-fail, too-complex-to-fail and too-international-to-fail problem, but the real issue is size. Even if a financial business is highly interconnected - that is, if its total exposure to the rest of the world and the exposure of the rest of the world to the financial entity are complex and far-reaching - it can still be allowed to fail if the total amounts involved are small.
Willem Buiter, June 26 2009

The banks are currently making lots of money, not only because the taxpayer bailed them out in the first place,
but because they are now borrowing at very low rates, subsidised by the government, while lending at relatively high rates.
Tracy Corrigan, 16 July 2009

Riksbanken har inklusive dagens SEK-auktion med fast ränta lånat ut 303 miljarder kronor
och 17,8 miljarder dollar.
Omräknat till dagens valutakurs har Riksbanken totalt lånat ut 500 miljarder kronor
Riksbanken 2009-07-13

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Riksbankens erbjudande att låna ut 100 miljarder kronor till de svenska storbankerna mottogs med stort intresse
Räntan fastställdes räntan till 0,45 procent
Leif Petersen E24 2009-07-14

Att bankerna får låna billigt sänker deras inlåningskostnader, men i nuvarande situation vill inte banker expandera sin verksamhet, de vill krympa risker och utlåning.

Istället är det möjligt att inlånade pengar används till att köpa säkra stats- eller bostadsobligationer med en avkastning som är högre än vad lånen kostar i Riksbanken.

– Vi behöver en samhällsekonomisk debatt om hur kontraktet mellan banker och samhälle ska se ut i framtiden.
Nu är bankerna oerhört väl omhändertagna.
De får behålla vinsten, men samhället tar hand om förlusten, säger Roger Josefsson, chefsekonom på Danske Bank i Sverige.

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