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The accelerator

Asset price bubbles and Central Bank Policy

Banks - Basel



Consumers Surplus

Demand and Supply
Helicopter Money

Real Interest Rates
Secular stagnation
Austrian School
Yield curve

The Great Recession 2007-

Huspriser - Fastighetsskatten

My Economic Gurus

The state of Economics as a science


Rolf Englund om Klas Eklund ”Vår ekonomi - En introduktion till samhällsekonomi” 20/10 2010.

Diagrammen ur hans bok kan laddas ner här

CNBC Explains

Economics: Free Courses

The Stock Market

USD/SEK - US Trade Deficit

Dollar - Unemployment

Currencies (Nice charts)



The American Economic Association has published a list of
the 20 most influential articles carried by the Review in the past century.

My own personal favourites on the macro front are the Cobb/Douglas piece which invented the standard production function in 1928;
the Milton Friedman lecture in 1968 which demolished the trade off between unemployment and inflation;
the Robert Shiller study in 1981 which showed that stock markets are far more volatile over short and long period than they should be;
and Krugman’s own piece in 1980 which amended the law of comparative advantage to explain the dominant pattern in global trade flows.
Gavyn Davies February 13, 2011

U.S. Trade Deficit:
Causes, Magnitude and Consequenses
Rolf Englund 2001-05-21

The Economic Consequences of the Peak Oil

Chairman Ben S. Bernanke
At the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Economic Symposium, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
August 31, 2012

World markets today

John Authers
Satyajit Das
Eklund, Klas
Grant, James
Gross, Bill
Jonung, Lars
Keynes, J.M.
Klein, Matthew C
Krugman, Paul
Makin, John H.
The Market Monetarist Lars Christensen
Mauldin, John
Nordling, Danne
Phelps, Edmund
R J. Samuelson
Siven, Claes
Summers, Larry
Irwin Stelzer
David Stockman
Tett, Gillian
Zetterberg, Hans
Wolf, Martin

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Fed - FRBNY - U.S. Treasury - CBO - NYT - Senate Banking Committee

BIS - IMF - OECD- World Bank

Bank of England - Bundesbank - ECB

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Nobel Prize Winners in Economics
Nobelpristagare i ekonomi

Great Economists and Their Times (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)

Joint Economic Committee, US Congress

World Economic Forum - Davos

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
- Jackson Hole
Ludwig von Mises Institute

IEA: The Institute of Economic Affairs

IIE: Institute for International Economics

Institute for International Economic Studies (IIES) at Stockholm University

It is easy to mock economic theory.
Any fool can see that the world of neoclassical economics,
which dominates the academic field today, is a gross caricature
Philip Ball,consultant editor of Nature

"Ceteris paribus" is a Latin phrase commonly translated as "all other things being equal."
Economists like to use it, mainly to hedge in case their theories don't hold up.
It's easy to blame those pesky other things not being equal.
Charley Blaine and Kim Khan

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